Case Study

Sewage system modernization in Russian multi-storey residential building

The Homeowners’ Association “Avtomobilist” (HOA) was organized by the residents of a multi-storey 230 apartments building in Rostov-on-Don, South Russia. The HOA was led by a strong and active woman encouraging the residents to improve their living conditions. Therefore, the territory was looked after by a professional gardener, the common areas were clean and cosy, and the heating system is functioning properly keeping the comfortable temperature in apartments.

Not all improvements could be paid with the HOA’s funds. Water disposal system was one problem. The building had the main sewer pipe of 100 mm in diameter made of cast iron. These characteristics were insufficient for the effective water disposal and pipes needed replacement.
HOA “Avtomobilist” addressed RuSEFF Residential participating bank for a loan for this project.
The RuSEFF team supported HOA “Avtomobilist” with analysis of the proposed technology, the potential of energy savings, financial-technical parameters and risks of the project.
The investment of around RUB 519,287 allowed the HOA to perform the repair of the sewage system, replace the old pipes with new plastic pipes with wider diameter, allowing effective functioning of the sewage system. By today, the HOA has repaid the loan ahead of schedule.
Galina Lednevskaya, Chairman of the HOA:
“Since we realized that the main sewer pipe in the basement needs to be replaced and approved the cost sheet, we realized that we don’t have sufficient amount of money on our special account. We approached several banks and analyzed their loan conditions and Center-invest bank was the one who offered the most beneficial interest rate”.
This way, the EBRD through RuSEFF residential supports implementation of sustainable energy projects by the residential sector. Together, the residential, private, and public sectors can make a change in the energy consumption patterns and contribute to environmental protection.
22 Aug 2013