Case Study

Russian multi-storey apartment house gets a facelift

The Homeowners’ Association “Tsvetok” (HOA) was organized by the residents of a 20-storey multifamily building constructed in 2008. Soon after the building was fully commissioned, the residents discovered numerous defects of outer walls and the roof. The joints between wall panels were not insulated well, leading to residents suffering from cold. The roof coating had splits resulting in leakages during the rain.

HOA “Tsvetok” decided to apply for the RuSEFF Residential loan via the Center-invest bank to finance the building modernization measures. The repair of the building’s defects required costly works and without external financing the residents would not be able to implement them.
The RuSEFF team supported HOA “Tsvetok” with analysis of the proposed technologies, the potential of energy savings, financial-technical parameters and risks of the project.
The investment of around RUB 6 million allowed the HOA to perform a comprehensive repair of the building façade and roof, including insulation of joints between wall panels, replacing of the missing parts of the façade, replacement of the roof’s coating and sealing the joints.
This project resulted in elimination of thermal bridges and heat losses, elimination of leakages and restoring the comfortable temperature conditions in the apartments. 
Nina Vorozheeva, Chairman of HOA “Tsvetok” says:  
“It was impossible to restore a sound condition of such a big building (more than 300 apartments) without capital investment from outside. Considering the inflation rate, which exists now, the decision to get a loan was the best option”.
This way, the EBRD through RuSEFF Residential supports implementation of sustainable energy projects by the residential sector.
23 May 2013