Case Study

New injection moulding machine increases production and reduces energy consumption

Crilelmar is among the leading companies in Romania producing plastic products for domestic use – plates, food containers, shelves and others. The company started the operations in 2001 feeling the uprising demand for this type of products.

To stay competitive and improve the production process, the company decided to invest in modernization of the production facilities.
Crilelmar addressed EEFF for advisory support and affordable financing for the project.
The EEFF team assessed the possible investment measures, in particular, their potential for energy savings, profitability and effect.
The final project comprised replacement of an old plastic injection moulding machine.
The investment of €116,000 allowed the company to decrease its electricity consumption by 41 per cent, leading to substantial cost savings each year. However, this measure also resulted in the ultimate increase of production by 78 per cent; therefore, the specific electricity consumption was decreased even more, by 67 per cent. The investment will be repaid from energy savings very fast, while the company could feel it immediately through the decreased energy bill and improved operations.
This project demonstrates that replacement of any production equipment leads to energy savings and other benefits, translated into increased margins and profits. Therefore, it is worth checking the energy saving potential of possible investment measures to choose the most profitable and attractive investment.


20 Apr 2015