Case Study

Biogas plant in milk processing

Comalat produces milk, sour cream, cheese and yoghurt products according the traditional Romanian recipes. Operating from the village of Nanov, Teleorman County, the company processes milk from a large number of small local herds.  

Availability of whey and dry biomass – waste products from diary processes – represented for this company the opportunity to consider on-site renewable energy generation and partial replacement of the light fuel oil consumption.
The company addressed EEFF for advisory services and affordable financing for the potential project.
The EEFF team assessed the possible investment measures, in particular, their potential for energy savings, profitability and effect, risks and environmental aspects.
The final project was agreed to consist of a biogas plant installation, an absorption chiller and a heat recovery unit.
The investment of €257,900 allowed the company to decrease its overall energy consumption by 27 per cent or 884 MWh per year, translated into substantial cost savings each year. The investment will be repaid only from energy savings very fast, while the latter will be generated for many more years. In addition, the company has become more energy independent with own energy source, which is carbon neutral on top of everything. The greenhouse gas emissions as a result of this measure were decreased by 57 per cent or 165 tonnes per year. Not to forget the lower production wastes and decreased corresponding costs on waste utilization.
This project demonstrates that there may be unique, creative and highly profitable renewable energy solutions for different companies and sectors, leading to enhanced companies’ financial standing and independence. Therefore, it is worth addressing the experts for screening the possible solutions and their benefits.


26 Nov 2014