Case Study

Increased thermal insulation in hot climates – lessons learnt in Turkey

Adiva Yapı Co. is an SME construction company at the Mediterranean cost of Turkey. The company aims to brand itself as the “green residential project developer” in the region. This is to be achieved through implementation of energy efficiency measures at own residential projects.

Adiva’s new project is the reconstruction of a 2,103 m2 residential building in Ziyapaşa, Adana. The project is done in framework of the Turkish Urban Transformation Plan aiming to prevent loss of life and property by demolishing and reconstructing the unsafe buildings in earthquake-prone areas.
The TuREEFF experts met the company during a regional seminar and encouraged it to decrease the energy consumption of the building and improve the housing conditions. The TuREEFF team evaluated the initial design and suggested to increase the energy performance of the building up to Class B, which is higher than Class C, the minimum required by law in Turkey.
The company agreed to the suggestions at the minimum investment cost increase and applied for the TuREEFF loan.
Adjustments included: increased insulation of façade, roof and floor, double-glazed and low-e shading window systems, highly efficient condensing boilers.
The $167,853 investment allows to significantly decrease the energy consumption of the building. This will be immediately reflected in the lower energy bills of the tenants, as well as in the comfortable and improved living conditions. Besides that, the project allows to reach the CO2 emissions decrease, valuable for the environment.
The project has a pioneering role for the region. As Adana is located in one of hottest climate zones in Turkey, it was noted that local people do not understand the importance of insulation to keep their apartments cool; there is a common misunderstanding that insulation is required only for cold climates. Therefore, it is expected that Adiva’s project will become a reference point for other stakeholders at the market to decrease the cooling costs through the energyefficiency measures. TuREEFF supports Adiva with marketing of this knowledge and the best energy efficiency practices.  
The TuREEFF financing model may be of high demand in the area also because there is an increased demand for housing in view of the high number of refugees from the nearby Syria.


24 Sep 2015