Case Study

Energy efficient residential house in Istanbul

SME construction company DMS Yapi from Istanbul deals with replacement of old residential buildings, demolished under the Turkish Urban Transformation Plan, with new more energy efficient ones.

The company was reconstructing a residential building to the energy performance class C, minimum required by law in Turkey. 
The TuREEFF consultant convinced the company to additionally invest and upgrade the building to the EPC class B, improving the energy performance of the building by 15 per cent in comparison to the initial design. To assist this upgrade, the TuREEFF’s engineering team provided the construction company with the technical advice at every phase of project preparation and implementation.
The company applied for the TuREEFF loan of TL 500,000 to implement the additional suggested measures, including new thermal insulation, higher energy efficiency class boiler and others.
The project in Istanbul’s Kadıkoy district is to be completed in 2016, leading to 60% energy savings and 65% CO2 emissions decrease as compared to the initial building design. The future tenants will immediately feel the financial benefits of implemented energy efficiency measures after receiving their lower energy bill. Equally they will enjoy the improved comfort.
TuREEFF supported the construction company with advisory assistance, as well as the bank with marketing and PR activities by organizing awareness raising campaigns, promotional activities on the benefits of higher energy efficiency residential buildings in the Turkish market.
The construction company's owner, Mr Berker Ozağac, said that unlike other commercial loans the TuREEFF loan added real value to his business by proding independent evaluation of investment measures and by developing the competence of the company's staff in energy efficiency.
This support was provided thanks to the donors, the European Union Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (EU IPA) for Turkey and the Clean Technology Fund (CTF).
Construction companies using the TuREEFF Reconstruction Loans contribute to reduction of CO2 emissions by offering their clients more energy efficient homes with lower heating and cooling expenses.


16 Sep 2015