Case Study

Printing company in Poland becomes energy efficient

The company is a leader of outdoor advertising in Poland with twenty years of operation experience. Having originated as a small family business, it currently has the capacity to produce 8,000 square meters of printed materials and exports 80 per cent of production to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Until recently, the company used a large format printing machine from 2006. To increase the product quality and range of services, the company decided to replace the old energy intensive machine.  
The company addressed PolSEFF for an affordable financing for this investment.
The PolSEFF team performed the analysis of the proposed technology, its potential of energy savings, financial-technical parameters and profitability.
The PLN 1.35 million investment allowed the company to increase the production capacity by 37 per cent, while decreasing the overall energy consumption by 57 per cent. The energy savings immediately become the production cost savings and can be seen as additional income. The investment will be repaid from energy savings and increased sales in one year only. In addition, the company can now reach out to a wider range of customers thanks to the diversified possibilities of the new machine. Last, but not least, the company reduced its CO2 emissions by 35.9 tonnes per year, making its small, but valuable input to mitigation of the negative effect of human activity on climate.
This project enables the company to enforce its business position and competitiveness. It proves that investments in energy efficient modernization bring multiple benefits and secure sustainable business development.
The EBRD through PolSEFF supports the sustainable financing and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects by the private sector. Together, the private, residential, and public sectors can make a change in the energy consumption patterns and contribute to environmental protection.



19 Mar 2014