Case Study

Replacement of obsolete irrigation system in Romania

Sopema SRL is a Romanian agricultural company processing approximately 3,500 ha of land.

The company decided to replace the obsolete irrigation equipment in order to increase the irrigation surface, decrease the energy costs and improve the production process.
Therefore, the company addressed RoSEFF for financing.
The final project comprised a new irrigation system composed of two ramps (400 m + 390 m) and a new pumping system leading to the increased water pressure. The new equipment will provide an equal amount of water at all points of the irrigated field and guarantees an optimal water distribution.
The RoSEFF team performed analysis of the energy saving potential of the suggested measure, the financial-technical parameters and profitability of the project.
The €257,031 investment allowed the company to decrease its energy consumption by 71%, while increasing the production capacity from 60 to 120 ha. These achievements lead to significant energy savings of 655 MWh per year, translated into substantial cost savings. The investment will be repaid from energy savings only in just five years.
Moreover, the replacement of diesel fuel powered pumps with electricity driven pumps has led to the CO2 emissions decrease by 92 tonnes per year or 60% of the company’s emissions.
After the success of this project, the company purchased three more new irrigation systems in 2016 – once again with the RoSEFF support. This is the best evidence of profitability and multiple benefits of energy efficient modernization.


02 Apr 2015