Case Study

Romanian SME bakery finds energy efficient solution

Pitran SRL is an SME bakery with 20 employees supplying its products to the whole surrounding area of Jaristea.   

To decrease the energy consumption and improve the production efficiency, the company decided to invest in new equipment.
The company addressed RoSEFF for financing, while the RoSEFF team supported the company with analysis of the proposed technology, the potential of energy savings, financial-technical and environmental aspects of the project.
The project comprised replacement of two old LPG-fired ovens with one new efficient oven, fired with wood and with higher production capacity.
The €29,000 investment allowed the company to increase the production capacity by 39% and decrease the specific energy consumption by 34%, namely by 95 kWh per kg of production. As wood is much cheaper than LPG, the energy savings allowed this investment to repay itself in less than one year. In addition, this measure has led to CO2 emissions decrease and made its input to mitigation of the negative effect of human activity on climate.
This project allowed the local producer to be more cost efficient, sustain its business and continue delivering the necessary service to local community.
19 Jun 2014