Case Study

Moroccan equipment producer increases its efficiency and competitiveness

Faurecia, Europe’s second-ranking automotive equipment supplier, specializes in six major vehicle products: seats, cockpits, doors, acoustic packages, front ends, exhaust systems. It operates in 28 countries and employs 60,000 people on 190 sites.

The company decided to modernize its 27,000-square meter cut-and-sew factory in Kenitra having faced the challenges of the energy market liberalization and increased competition.
Faurecia addressed MorSEFF for financing of a project consisting of replacement of old sewing machines, cutting machine and lighting. 
The final project included installation of 87 high-efficiency direct drive sewing machines, four cutting machines and 400 LED lamps. The aim was to increase the production capacity and enhance the energy efficiency to boost the competitiveness. The company also seeks to augment its market position through promoting a positive, environmentally friendly brand image.
The MorSEFF team performed the analysis of the proposed technologies, their potential of energy savings, financial-technical parameters and profitability of the project.
The €1.87 million investment allowed Faurecia to reduce its energy consumption by 809 MWh per year, leading to 50 per cent energy cost savings. The investment will be repaid out of energy savings in less than six years, turning the future cash-flows into company's income for the years to follow. This investment also resulted in increased production capacity, lower production costs, improved working conditions and increased revenues.
The EBRD through MorSEFF supports the sustainable financing and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects by the private sector. Together, the private, residential, and public sectors can make a change in the energy consumption patterns and contribute to environmental protection.
23 Sep 2015