Best sustainable energy projects in Moldova

Seven best sustainable energy projects were honoured during the “EU-EBRD Sustainable Excellence Awards 2012” in framework of the Moldovan Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (MoSEFF).
“With this award, the EBRD emphasises not only its continuing support to Moldova’s energy efficiency efforts, but also to the country’s banking sector. The commitment of the participating financial institutions and their close interaction with the MoSEFF implementation team is the key success factor in deploying the Framework efficiently,” said Henry Russell, Director for Western Balkans, Croatia, Moldova and Belarus, Financial Institutions at EBRD.
The winners of the EU-EBRD Sustainable Energy Excellence Award 2012 are:
1. Award for Industrial Energy Efficiency: MACON SA, Chisinau
The company saves 26 per cent of energy and 208 tonnes of carbon emissions per year thanks to a €48,000 MoSEFF loan from MAIB. The loan covered implementation of frequency converters at the fan drives and a power factor correction unit for reactive power compensation. 
2. Award for Energy Efficiency in the Food Sector: ORHEI-VIT SA, Orhei.
The company saves 24 per cent natural gas consumption per year with the installation of new steam boilers, financed through a €520,000 MoSEFF loan from MAIB.
3. Award for Agricultural Energy Efficiency; MAGT VEST SRL, Dondusheni.
The company reduced its annual fuel consumption by almost 42 per cent and reduced its harvesting losses thanks to a €2.3 million MoSEFF loan from BCR to replace the outdated sugar beet harvesters and loaders.
4. Award for Energy Efficiency in Small Enterprises: COLOTEIA SRL, Chisinau.
The company saves 38 per cent of electricity per year thanks to a €135,000 MoSEFF loan from MICB for a new meat grinder, vacuum bowl cutter and sausage filling machine.
5. Award for Best Building Rehabilitation: Restaurant BUTOIAS SA, Chisinau.
The restaurant saves 51 per cent energy yearly by insulating its building, installing new windows, solar collectors and heat pumps, financed by a MoSEFF loan of €200,000 from MICB.
6. Award for Best Solar Project: VILA VERDE HOTEL UNGHENI, Ungheni.
The hotel installed one of the largest solar systems in Moldova and improved the building insulation and the heat distribution system with a €280,000 MoSEFF loan.  The project allows the company to save 80 per cent of final energy every year.
7. Award for Best Biomass Energy Project: AGROMAXER SRL, Straseni.
The company operating greenhouses has signed a €250,000 MoSEFF loan with MICB to construct a new boiler house, install new pellet boilers and a new near-soil heating system. The project enabled the company to reduce its carbon emissions by 100 per cent and achieve an annual primary energy saving of 91 per cent.
28 Jun 2012