Case Study

The largest copper miner invests in HVAC at own production buildings, Bulgaria

Assarel-Medet JSC Mining and Processing Complex is the first, biggest and leading Bulgarian company on copper ore mining and processing, providing 13 millions of tonnes of ore per year, comprising around 50% of the national production. The company, established back in 1964, is an employer for 1300 people and 400 enrolled at the subsidiaries and joint ventures. Hence, it is the biggest source for social and economic development of the district of Pazardzhik.
The company constantly invests in own technology and modernization. Continuing this trend, the company decided to invest in improved workplace safety and the decrease of energy consumption.
The company addressed BEERECL for a loan for this project and technical assistance. The BEERECL team performed the analysis of this investment, primarily the potential of energy savings and the technical-financial parameters of the project.
The project comprised the upgrade of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) at five administrative buildings and the replacement of four old forklifts.
The €900,000 investment allowed the company to decrease its energy bill by €215,000 per year, complemented with €35,000 per year of operation and maintenance cost decrease. The investment will repay itself out of savings only in just 4 years, leaving the cash-flow as an income for years to come. Not to forget the improved working conditions.
Securing the savings and, hence, own competitiveness and future, the company can continue with other socially responsible projects that it implements in quantity, as well as continue being the leading employer of the region and driver of economic well-being. 
20 Nov 2013