Case Study

Energy savings at Bulgarian beer plant

Lomsko Pivo, a brewery located in Lom, Northern Bulgaria, is the successor of the brewery founded back in 1894 by the Czech brothers Milutin and Hozman. The company produces 11 products under various brands, some of which are repeatedly awarded at the International Exhibition "MONDE SELECTION" in Brussels, Belgium.
The company constantly invests in own technology and modernization. Continuing this trend, Lomske Pivo decided to invest in improved workplace safety and the reduction of energy consumption.
The company contacted BEERECL for a loan and advisory package for this project. The BEERECL team performed the analysis of this investment, primarily the potential of energy savings and the technical-financial parameters of the project.
The project included reconstruction of the bottling workshop, upgrade of the heating and lighting system, installation of an energy monitoring and control system, steam condensate system and boiler efficiency improvements.
€343,400 investment allowed the company to decrease the energy bill by €86,000 per year. The investment will repay itself out of energy savings in four years, with future cash-flows becoming company's income further on. Not to forget the improved working conditions and safety, as well as the substantial emissions decrease, which positively affects both local and global environment.
This is just one step in the company's development, which brings substantial cost savings and allows to focus on other investments, such as modernization of brewing and fermentation, expanding of storage departments, capacity increase – all leading to new markets, increased sales and supporting the local economy and good living conditions.


28 May 2014