Capacity building trainings on energy efficiency for the National Bank of Egypt

In addition to the much needed funding for sustainable energy projects, the EBRD provides support to the local participating banks to improve their capacity in implementing sustainable energy credit lines. This involves developing the ability of the bank employees to identify the potential of energy savings in different companies and industries, advising clients on the possible measures, and providing further support with project assessment and implementation.
Such skills within banks' employees are of crucial importance, as once the supporting advisory package financed by the donors is over, the bank's staff shall further lead the promotion of sustainable energy investments.
Therefore, bank employees must recognize the benefits of sustainable energy technologies to be able to promote it to others.
Through adequate training, the staff shall have tools to assess sustainable energy investments, in particular, the expected energy and cost savings, cash-flows and potential associated risks.
Last but not least, the banks are advised to develop clear instructions and procedures for the employees of different departments to be familiar with the product and act jointly, which leads to smooth and coordinated process with much better results.
Thanks to the donor support, the EBRD develops capacity building workshops within its Sustainable Energy Financing Facilities (SEFFs) and creates tools to help the participating banks gain the needed skills.  
In this framework, the EgyptSEFF team provided two training sessions for the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) in summer 2015. The first training was attended by 30 officers from the SME Division, which is the focal point of the pilot EgyptSEFF at the NBE. Ten officers and relationship managers, handling accounts for medium and large corporate clients, attended the second training. The training provided general information on the technical and financial benefits of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy investments and examples of common measures that can be implemented by Egyptian businesses. More importantly, the training provided an in-depth overview of the pilot EgyptSEFF facility, including its main features, project cycle processes, and application process.
This is another step in successful implementation of sustainable energy solutions in Egypt. There is much more to follow.
22 Jul 2015