Turkish award winning sugar and food plants

The Konya Şeker company founded in 1952 produces a great variety of products, starting from food, seeds and fertilizers to bioethanol and irrigation systems. The company successfully follows the best quality, social and environmental policies and standards.

The company decided to implement the energy saving measures at two of its facilities – Çumra Sugar Plant and Seydibey Agricultural Products Plant, located in the Konya district in southern Turkey.

The four identified projects comprise the biogas tri-generation plant, the biogas thermal plant, a natural potatoes cave storage, a new evaporation line and a carbon dioxide capture plant for the bio-ethanol production.

The company contacted MidSEFF for a €15.7 million loan, while the total investment cost was estimated at €21 million.

The MidSEFF team performed the analysis of various aspects of the project, in particular, its environmental and social impact to make sure the beneficiary follows the best safety practices and the local community benefits from the project.

The indicated projects will generate the energy savings of 77.4 GWh per year, equal to cover the energy demand for over 35,000 households. This will bring the company tremendous cost savings, allowing to repay the loan from energy savings in less than four years.

For implementing energy saving and waste-to-energy solutions Konya Şeker received the Energy Efficiency Pioneer Award during the MidSEFF Award ceremony, honouring the most advanced companies implementing and promoting the sustainable energy in Turkey.

16 Nov 2015