What, why and how of residential energy efficiency, Ukraine

Apart from providing the much needed and timely financing for sustainable energy projects, the EBRD makes efforts to raise the awareness of local communities on why sustainable energy is of such importance and value.
Thanks to donor financing, the EBRD within the Sustainable Energy Financing Facilities (SEFFs) develops the awareness raising campaigns and skill transfer tools to help the potential clients - individual households, private companies and municipal entities - understand the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy, and the know-how transfer to implement them in their everyday life.
The video produced in the framework of Ukraine Residential Energy Efficiency Finance Facility or IQ Energy is merely one of such materials. It provides short and clear explanations on the reasons of high energy bills and steps to wisely reduce them.
Motivation is the key. The raising awareness materials from the EBRD and the donors ignite conscious living, while capacity building tools and trainings provide the know-how to do that.




09 Feb 2016