Celebrating sustainable energy achievements in Kyrgyz Republic

The KyrSEFF Sustainable Energy Excellence Awards 2014 brought together representatives of the Kyrgyz Republic government, ministries and agencies, the donor community, embassies, the financial sector, business, media and the general public.
The ceremony is the first event in the country to honour the best sustainable energy investment projects. It is a proof of the country’s progress in energy conservation. Thanks to the cooperation between KyrSEFF and its Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs), many projects have been successfully implemented and demonstrated a great example for the local business community and population.
Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank (KICB), Demirbank, Bank Bai-Tushum and FINCA were honoured as financial partners of the programme, while a number of their employees were recognized for their professionalism in the energy efficiency promotion.
Among the 32 winners were also the industrial enterprises, the city of Tokmok and other entities.
"Best industrial project" award went to LLC Interglass for the high energy efficiency rates in the glass production. 
"Best renewable energy project" award was granted to Global Invest company.
"Most positive impact on the environmental protection through the CO2 emissions reduction" was achieved by Holiday company.
"Best energy efficiency project affecting the large amount of population" award was granted to Alumenerglass company.
"Most energy efficient and complex design residential project" award went to the social housing construction project in the city of Tokmok. Several representatives of the Tokmok City Administration and Housing Cooperative Head were recognised for their devoted work and valuable input to this project.
"Best residential project" award went also to several individual houseowners. "Best supplier of the energy efficient equipment" went to the BIFORS company, while "Best assemblage company" was granted to Tansu
"Best partner institution" was handed to the EU office in the Kyrgyz republic, the State architecture and construction agency, Bishkek City development agency and the EBRD's Small Business Support (SBS) facility. 
“By helping to improve the energy efficiency of enterprises in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Bank and its partner financial institutions not only help to reduce carbon emissions, but also to make the economy more competitive. The country depends on energy imports that are influenced by many external factors, and lower energy consumption improves energy security,” added the Head of the EBRD office in Bishkek, Larisa Manastirli.


21 Nov 2014