Promotion of sustainable energy solutions in Mongolia

Following the launch of the Mongolia Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (MonSEFF) in 2015, the MonSEFF's team is active in promoting the best energy solutions among the participating financial institutions (PFIs) and their clients.
With companies unaware of opportunities and the financial benefits of energy efficiency, switching to sustainable energy technologies becomes a challenge, with the energy bills continuously high and companies struggling to make their businesses efficient. 
Therefore, the MonSEFF team together with the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised an event on sustainable energy development in Ulaanbaatar.
The event aimed to bring together representative of different sectors – public, private, banking – in order to inform about the existing technical solutions and possibilities for cooperation for green energy projects via MonSEFF.
The event was a great success, having gathered more than 80 participants and having served as an excellent platform to stir ideas on moving forward. Both local participating banks, namely XacBank and Khan Bank, took part in the event and arranged promotional stands with information on their services in the framework of MonSEFF.


31 Mar 2016