SEFF Profile

Bulgaria Commercial SME


  • €150 million credit line facility from the EBRD to participating financial institutions (PFIs) in Bulgaria for on-lending to small and medium companies seeking to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.

  • Loans to SME companies for implementation of a large variety of energy saving, low-waste and environmentally friendly production technologies.
  • Loans for small-scale projects involving  pre-approved high performance technologies from the online Technology Selector. The listed technologies meet the high energy efficiency standards.
  • Investment incentive of up to 30-50% of eligible costs to borrowers successfully completing their BEECIFF projects.
  • Investment incentives are offered by the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism (MoEET) and are funded from EU Structural Funds under the Operational Programme “Competitiveness”.


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22 Apr 2016