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Morocco Industrial

  • €80 million credit line facility from the EBRD, AFD, EIB and KfW to participating financial institutions in Morocco for on-lending to businesses seeking to invest in energy efficiency and small-scale renewable energy projects.

  • Loans of up to €5 million for private companies for a variety of measures leading to improved energy efficiency and application of renewable energy technologies.
  • Loans of up to €300,000 for small-scale projects involving pre-approved high performance technologies from the online Technology Selector. These technologies meet the high energy efficiency standards.
  • Advisory package to prospective borrowers and PFIs from the team of highly qualified experts. This may include energy audits, trainings, marketing and  project assessments support, aiming to assist borrowers and PFIs with the best project solutions and smooth project implementation.
  • Investment incentives in the range of 10-15% of loan amount to borrowers successfully completing eligible projects, after project implementation and verification.
  • Advisory package and investment incentives are funded by donors, the European Union Neighbourhood Investment Fund (NIF) and the EBRD's Southern and Eastern Mediterranien Multi-Donor Account (SEMED MDA).


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22 Apr 2016