Case Study

Trading Company increases reliability of supply

BASM SRL is a trading company focusing on distribution of construction materials, equipment for car washing, electric tools, digital equipment and sportswear. The company owns a commercial centre in Balti, which is leased to different companies.
To decrease own energy costs, the company applied for MoSEFF financing, while planning to install a photovoltaic system at its commercial centre, generate electricity for own needs and to sell it to the grid.
The project included 125 PV panels with a combined peak capacity of 30 kW installed on the roof.
The MoSEFF team supported the company with analysis of the proposed technology, the potential of energy savings, their financial-technical parameters and profitability.
The €39,000 investment allowed Basm SRL to generate about 44 MWh of electricity per year, creating additional income for the company, diversifying its business and increasing its attractiveness on the market. In addition, the use of renewable energy allows to avoid 30.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, which is beneficial for the environment.
What is important is that the company contributes to Moldova's reliability of electricity supply from the grid. This project is a good example of the multiple benefits of renewable energy for private businesses, for environment, as well as for the country in general.
This way, the EBRD through MoSEFF supports the sustainable financing and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects by the private sector. Together, the private, residential, and public sectors can make a change in the energy consumption patterns and contribute to the environmental protection.