Case Study

Scaling-up production of energy efficient technologies in Belarus

Alfa-Kalor is a young and highly professional Belarus-Italian joint venture producing the highly demanded heating equipment. Due to high standards, availability of certifications and supporting services, the company was approved for the BelSEFF’s online list of recommended pre-approved equipment.
The company applied to BelSEFF for financing of the working capital to increase own production capacity, as the demand for energy efficient heaters is growing.  BelSEFF provides such loans for producers of energy efficient equipment.
A capital loan of $900,000 was used to prepay the necessary components required for pellet boilers, gas boilers, heat exchangers and gas water heaters production.
The savings achieved with such loan make up 20 per cent of energy savings at the consumer side. Considering the company has already supplied 80,000 boilers to clients in Belarus and plans to increase it even more, the overall savings by consumers are expected to be more than substantial.
This way BelSEFF helps to scale up energy efficiency investments  and contributes to availability of energy efficient technologies at the market.