Case Study

Meat factory in Kosovo becomes more energy efficient

The family-run meat factory in Vushtri, Kosovo processes local and imported meat since 1999 and supplies it to major supermarkets all over the country. It owns a slaughter house and sells meat wholesale and retail.
The company applied to KoSEP for financing of a new and energy efficient equipment, as the existing one was very inefficient and energy intensive, delivering many failures and demanding repairs.
The €260,000 project included replacement of the meat processing machines, cooling equipment and transport fleet.
The KoSEP team supported the company with loan financing and analysis of the proposed technologies, their financial-technical parameters and risks.
As a result, the company reduced its specific energy consumption by €49,500 per year or by 25 per cent of the previous consumption. The investment will repay itself out of energy savings in six years. Not to forget the company's improved production process with less break-downs, allowing to fulfil its commitments in front of clients and partners. In addition, a positive impact on the local environment was achieved through reduced CO2 emissions.
This was an affordable solution to reduce own energy consumption without having to scale down the productivity. Such investments in energy efficiency clearly demonstrate the prospects for the small business to grow and develop, pacing confidently into the future and contributing to the local community’s well-being.
07 Jul 2014