Case Study

Tokmok in Kyrgyz Republic got its first energy efficient housing

Kyrgyz town of Tokmok is located in the north of the country at the foot of the Tian Shan mountains. With the maximum temperatures of +370 C and -280C, the 55,000 inhabitants are truly challenged to enjoy comfortable living conditions. The challenge, however, enabled several stakeholders to come into a beneficial cooperation through the KyrSEFF credit line facility .
KyrSEFF, its participating bank Bai-Tushum and the Tokmok City administration agreed on construction of 14 residential houses to provide affordable and energy efficient houses for the public sector employees.
This became possible as KyrSEFF allows loan financing for construction companies, which use energy efficient technologies in new buildings, improving the energy performance of houses as compared to the initial construction design. Loans cover energy efficient glazing, improved insulation, thermal pumps, solar water heaters, high-efficiency boilers, heating and air-conditioning systems.
The city provided land for construction, making its cost affordable for low-income families. The KyrSEFF experts advised on adjustments to make the new houses energy efficient. The bank provided $800,000 financing for the construction company, while grants from the donors ranked housing yet more affordable for public servants.  
Experts say that the Tokmok project is the first successful step towards a new type of multilateral cooperation between donors, municipality and the financial sector. Fifty six families already enjoy the new, warm and comfortable flats at lower utility costs.


23 Oct 2013