Case Study

Reconstruction of heating system in Slovak town Krásno nad Kysucou

Krásno nad Kysucou is a small town with 7,000 inhabitants in the northern Slovak Republic. KRASBYT company provides house management services, including water and heat supply, reconstruction, electric and plumbing works in the town since 2007. Currently it manages around 400 apartments and non-residential premises.

The company applied to MunSEFF for financing to reconstruct the local heat production, distribution and supply systems for the residential sector.
The MunSEFF team assisted the company with verification of the project measures, their technical and economic parameters and profitability.
The project consisted of decommissioning of existing central heat exchange units and their replacement with local stations in the residential houses. The new stations are equipped with condensing boilers, thermal control systems and VSD-based water circulation pumps. They also manage the hot water production, which in future will be complemented with the solar system for hot water preheating.
The MunSEFF investment of almost €700,000 improved the heat generation efficiency up to 92 per cent and reduced natural gas consumption by 32 per cent. In addition, the automatic control system allowed to improve regulation and save operating costs.
The total annual cost savings reached €40 000. The investment project also enhanced comfort in the buildings, reduced failures and repairs, and improved long-term reliability of equipment.
This is a good example of how commercial loans can be used for infrastructure modernization in small municipalities.
08 Sep 2015