Case Study

Polish printing house replaces outdated equipment with new and more efficient units

The company is a family run medium size printing house, offering a wide range of printed forms – magazines, catalogues, books and advertising leaflets. The production capacity is up to tens of thousands of printing runs. It has traditionally used four offset printing machines and two digital printing presses.

In response to increasing demand, this Warsaw-based printing firm invested in increasing its production capacity and minimising energy costs.
The company approached PolSEFF for an affordable financing for this investment.
The PolSEFF team performed the analysis of the proposed technology, its potential of energy savings, financial-technical parameters and profitability.
The final project included replacement of eleven-years-old printing machine with a new one with increased colour capacity and a gloss application unit).
The €887,000 investment allowed the company to decrease its energy consumption by 40 per cent, leading to substantial cost savings. The investment will be repaid from energy savings and increased income in six years. The new equipment also provides better quality of gloss prints with a wider range of colours to satisfy the increasing demands of clients.
This project improved the company’s financial standing and competitiveness on the market. It also demonstrates that investments in energy efficiency are coupled with other production benefits.


12 Oct 2011