Case Study

Thermal modernisation of production venues

Mine Master is a globally recognised producer of drilling, mining and related machinery, as well as of the tools for civil engineering works. The company has been on the market since early 70-s and sells its products to five continents.

To reduce the energy costs and improve working conditions for the employees, the company decided to modernise its production hall, as despite the recent investments in a new heating system the heating bills continued to grow.
The company addressed PolSEFF for financing. The final project included thermal insulation of walls and roof, installation of new energy efficient windows.
PolSEFF engineers conducted an energy audit of the production halls, analysed the potential of energy savings, financial-technical parameters of the measures and their profitability. It was estimated, that after the thermal modernization the energy consumption will decrease by 54 per cent.
The investment of PLN1.5 million already in the first three winter months saved 39 tonnes of heating oil or PLN337,000. Based on the first quarter's results, it can be forecasted that the predicted energy savings of 54 per cent will indeed be reached. Hence, the investment will be repaid in less than six years from energy savings only.
In addition, the employees benefitted from better working conditions, proving the company's wise and long-term approach to business.
This is a good example of how investments in energy efficiency serve multiple purposes and lead to several benefits, enhancing the company's good financial standing and competitiveness on the market. 
12 Dec 2012