Case Study

Turkish insulation company invests in CHP

ODE established in 1986 as a contracting firm has gradually shifted to production of insulation materials. Now the company is among the major insulation producers in the country with six modern plants and the total production area of 155,000 m2.

The company decided to resolve the problem of current regular power blackouts that cause significant production wastes, and reduce the production and electricity costs.
The ODE’s branch YALITIM MACON, applied for TURSEFF financing for this modernization project that consists of purchase and installation of a 2 MW CHP unit.
The TurSEFF team performed the project analysis, including the technical-economic parameters and risks, to make sure the investment leads to sufficient energy savings and CO2 emissions decrease.
The investment of €957,870 allowed the company to decrease its energy consumption by 17,040 MWh per year, leading to substantial cost savings. Savings are enough to repay the investment already in two years. Besides that, the reliable energy supply allows to reduce the production wastes, adding to profitability of business. In addition, the project resulted in the CO2 emissions decrease by 24 per cent or almost 3,000 tonnes per year, reducing the company’s negative impact on the environment.
This project has significantly improved the company’s long-term financial standing and competitiveness at the market.
It demonstrates that investments in energy efficiency are coupled with other benefits and are possible in all types of industries. It is therefore worth checking the energy saving potential of a company while considering investments in business development.


16 Jun 2015